5G: The Network of the Future

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5G does not harm the environment

There has been some controversy surrounding this new mobile communication standard. Some people are concerned about its environmental impact. They should take heart from the fact that there are a number of studies monitoring the roll-out of 5G in Belgium. And they all show positive outcomes.

Making news or faking news? Separating 5G fact from fiction

Contrary to certain claims that have been circulating, 5G is not fatal to birds and has not caused the coronavirus pandemic. Proximus addresses a few myths about the arrival of 5G.

5G paves the way for a new generation of robots

Man and machine working in perfect harmony

5G will bring together robot technology and smartphone communication. This heralds a new generation of robots, bringing about a technological revolution.

Want to live in a smart city?

Do you want to live in an intelligent city?

5G will create increasingly connected cities, today and for the future. This includes better traffic management, cleaner streets, better energy efficiency monitoring and more. Everyone stands to gain a better quality of life.

Services and leisure

5G will improve many areas of our lives, from leisure activities to our most vital services.

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