Extra services

Manage and secure mobile devices

Enable a secure and productive mobile fleet and keep control of your costs.

Our experts manage your mobile devices

Outsource the daily management of your mobile devices to our MMS experts.

Leasing of smartphones and tablets

Engage Packs offers you leasing of mobile devices combined with services, for a fixed fee per month.

Optimal coverage everywhere

Optimal mobile reception, even indoors.

Routing of incoming calls

You manage from the cloud your incoming phone calls instantly, simply and securely.

Marketing numbers

Order your 0800 or 078 marketing number online in just a few clicks. It will be operational within 24 hours.

Programmable Communication

Automate communications through APIs to fit your customers' needs and business process.

Call management

Manage all traffic from and to your mobile numbers.

Communication APIs

Integrate our communication technology in your own applications with APIs: digital building blocks to access Proximus communication solutions: fixed telephony, mobile telephony, numbers, SMS, etc.