Fast, secure guest Wi-Fi for the horeca sector

Published on 10/12/2018 in Solutions & services

Fast, secure guest Wi-Fi for the horeca sector

Over 60% of your guests will tend to return if Wi-Fi is available in your business. So it’s time to deal with your professional Wi-Fi network. Opt for Proximus Smart Network and let your guests benefit from fast, reliable Wi-Fi today.

Over 90% of your guests now have a mobile device within reach. Of these guests, more than 60% tend to return if your business can offer Wi-Fi. What is more, mobile and network traffic is set to increase threefold by 2020. So be sure to provide a reliable and, above all, fast Wi-Fi that will make your guests want to come back again and again.

When you run a business in the horeca sector, you cannot be served by just any Wi-Fi connection. It is more than just access to the internet. It is a valuable business tool. Here are five ways in which you can make sure that the Wi-Fi you offer makes people come back. 

Five ways to get the most out of your Wi-Fi

  1. Security first

    In today’s internet landscape, privacy and cybersecurity rank high on the list. Make no mistake, your guests are well aware of this. They are very focused on their privacy over the internet and constantly fear for their data.

    That is why it is so important to take action here as a business manager. If your guests get the idea that you have thought about cybersecurity, they will feel more at ease and that is good for your reputation. What’s more, you give them access to your Wi-Fi without endangering your own network. The guest Wi-Fi works on a completely different network.

    But don’t worry about it and make things easy for yourself. Opt for Wi-Fi that is secure from the moment it is installed so that you don’t have to take care of complicated security provisions yourself.

  2. Speed is a must

    It’s a fact that your Wi-Fi must be fast to prevent both your staff and your guests from becoming frustrated. But you also need to understand precisely what this means. Guests do not want to be hampered when they are doing business. For example, if they want to work at the table and hold videoconferences, then your Wi-Fi must be capable of this. Even when other people want to stream videos or use their social media in the same room at the same time, your Wi-Fi needs to maintain the same speed.

    Your Wi-Fi also has to be available everywhere, all the time. People in the horeca sector often make the mistake of keeping their access point somewhere out of sight, in a cellar or a backroom of the building. However, you want to get the best out of your Wi-Fi for your guests. So always set up an access point in the room where your guests sit and ensure total coverage.

  3. Keep it visible

    Keeping your Wi-Fi visible is more advantageous than you think. There is a misconception that guests might be bothered by the presence of an access point in the room, but the opposite is true. By placing your Wi-Fi near them, you assure them that this really is your Wi-Fi and that you are happy to meet their Wi-Fi needs. Your customers also like to see a Wi-Fi logo, even if they don’t use it. It gives them the feeling that you are prepared for everything.

  4. Public Wi-Fi

    Good Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi that everyone can use at the same time. But Wi-Fi can also be smart. You can configure your network to set priorities, for example to discourage lingering and thus ensure a positive flow of guests. You can also limit the bandwidth and user time, and have it switch off completely after closing hours to prevent people from standing in front of your business to make the most of your Wi-Fi. Therefore, Public Wi-Fi has a positive impact on your energy bill as well.

  5. Let your business grow

    All the advantages discussed so far are concerned with your reputation and your efficiency, but these days, good Wi-Fi can also provide a great deal in return in the form of relevant data about your visitors. Even small companies can benefit from this. Gain insights into how many people pass by your place, how many come in, how often do they return, how long do they stay and where do they make most use of your Wi-Fi.

    Even more important is that you can have them log in through your personalized web page, where your special offers are highlighted. It is also possible to have them log in via Facebook, giving you free visibility on social media.

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A total solution

With the Proximus Smart Network, you can monitor your network yourself using a handy web page. You don’t need any IT knowledge. By simply pressing a button, you can prepare logins for your guests or enable them to log in with their own Facebook account – which also gives you extra and free visibility.

With this total solution, you have two networks: one for your guests and one for yourself. So you don’t risk getting any viruses on the network on which you work or which accommodates your cash registers.

Proximus Smart Network also enables you to connect additional devices or to extend it with the very latest equipment. You cannot overpay, because you pay only for what you actually use. You receive a professional Wi-Fi solution with a guaranteed connection at all times. Everything is provided for you, in a manner that suits your business.

This solution is not just fast, easy and secure. It also brings you analysis and marketing advantages. Get to know your guests better: when they go to a restaurant, how long they sit at the bar, etc. You gather all these basic statistics and you can use them to prepare customized special offers. What is more, this improves the efficiency of your company because with these insights you can deploy staff on a more targeted basis.


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