The Internet of Things

Published on 22/03/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

The Internet of Things

With one press on the Flic button you start preprogrammed actions such as opening a door or phoning your partner.

 Your smartphone makes your life a lot simpler as a central remote control for playing music, ordering pizza or operating your lights. Yet, you would rather not have to get out your phone, unlock it and touch the right app or buttons. With the Flic Bluetooth button that’s no longer necessary. You put a Flic button with a self-adhesive base on your stereo, the door or any flat surface. With one push on the button, you can start a preprogrammed action such as turning down the heating, turning off an alarm or calling a taxi… Once programmed, you can leave your smartphone in your pocket. Moreover Flic is available in a complete color range.


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