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What to know about the new roaming rates?

Published on 07/04/2017 in Solutions & services

What to know about the new roaming rates?

Roam Like at Home, RLaH for short, is the new European Union regulation for roaming rates. From 15 June 2017, we will be able to call, send texts and browse the Internet on mobile devices at national rates. What impact will RLaH have on your organization and what can you do to roam as advantageously as possible?

First of all, roaming will not

disappear on 15 June. In technical terms, roaming will continue to exist, including within the European Union: when you are abroad, you use the network of the operator in the country you are in. The big difference is that you and your staff in European Union countries can call and browse online using mobile devices, at your national rate. So all agreed rates and any customized discounts included in your contract will apply throughout the EU.

Adjusting the bundle volume

This does mean that from now on, you will use call minutes or data volume from your Belgian package while you are abroad. So from 15 June it will be more advantageous to upgrade the national bundles in your organization, particularly if your staff often travel to other EU countries.

What about outside Europe?

There are still separate roaming rates for non-European Union countries. Are you driving to Italy via Switzerland this summer? Don’t forget that Switzerland is not in the EU and the roaming rates are higher there. Attractive roaming options are still available to cover non-EU countries.

Safe usage limit

Proximus makes sure that you can go over your rate bundle by a maximum of €50 nationally and a maximum of €50 abroad. This protection is set as standard for every mobile phone number. Users are free to switch off this setting.

Worth remembering 
  • When roaming in the European Union, you pay the rates from your national package.
  • RLaH is only valid for EU countries.
  • It may be worthwhile adjusting your rates package.
  • The over-bundle limit set as standard continues to protect you.
More info?

Contact your account manager or go to for the current roaming rates


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