Fixed Mobile Unification for optimal telephone contact

Published on 23/08/2016 in Solutions & services

Fixed Mobile Unification for optimal telephone contact

Each of your staff members has a landline and a mobile, and customers often don’t know the best way to contact them. They are connected to voicemail or they’re not sure which number to call. So it’s neither efficient nor customer friendly. You can resolve this issue by integrating your fixed and mobile telephone systems.

Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU) is a Proximus service that integrates your users’ mobile and fixed calls. Your staff can always be reached on the number you chose, regardless of whether the call is answered on a fixed or a mobile phone. If a customer calls, both phones ring. So no calls are lost and the customer has someone on the line immediately.

Not just for smartphones

The service is also available for ordinary mobile phones as well as smartphones, and there are no extra charges for calls between colleagues. Proximus installs and programs the services according to your needs. You can choose to always have the same fixed or mobile telephone number displayed whenever your staff members call a customer. It can be the general company number or the sales department number, for example. This is a great way to reinforce your corporate identity and ensure that your customers are immediately put through to the right contact person or department.

Private and professional remain separate

To ensure a healthy work–life balance, users of this service can easily switch it off whenever they wish. This means that private and work calls remain separate on your bill, as well. As soon as the user logs out, the mobile phone becomes private, with the user’s own mobile number and voicemail.

Better internal cooperation

As the mobile devices are integrated into your communications platform, colleagues know a user is on a call even if they are talking on their mobile phone. What’s more, with FMU it is far easier for your company to track the usage and costs of your mobile telephones.

Business benefits
  • One numbering plan for both fixed and mobile phones
  • No need for mobile data connection
  • Suitable for all types of mobile phone
  • Split billing (work/private) and one specific group can be reached by calling one number
  • PBX business rules and processes also apply for mobile telephone us


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