Optical fiber in Belgium: how things stand

Published on 19/01/2017 in Inspire

Optical fiber in Belgium: how things stand

Optical fiber in Belgium is a reality for a lot of businesses. It’s now possible to work, connect and share more quickly, and with total security. Stable and adaptable, it offers the bandwidth and speed that your business needs. So you can serve your customers even better tomorrow.

€3 billion for rolling out optical fiber

Proximus’ objective is clear: to allow as many businesses and households to connect to optical fiber as quickly as possible. To achieve this, an investment of €3 billion has been agreed to roll it out over the next ten years.

“We aim to have 85% of businesses connected to optical fiber by 2020 and about one in two households,” enthuses Muriel Jadot, Marketing Manager Proximus. “In fact, we are reproducing with optical fiber what we did with ADSL: anticipating the needs of our professional and private customers so that the best technology is available to them as soon as they feel they need it.”

A network already well-established in Belgium

“Our roll out began in 2014,” continues Muriel Jadot. “Today, we have over 21,000 km of fiber network which puts us in the top 5 worldwide. 80% of Belgian business parks have access to fiber: many businesses can already ask to be connected. About 6,000 businesses have already done so.” From 2017, the roll out will accelerate, with priority given to urban areas with high population densities. Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Namur and Roeselare should therefore have full coverage very shortly.

A technology which anticipates the future

The volume of digital data exchanged in Belgium doubles almost every year. A figure that can be multiplied by 8 in 2020. “Applications in the cloud, video content, teleworking, increased competitiveness, increased connectivity requirements from customers: businesses are seeing their data traffic increase in gigantic steps.

The bandwidth and speed of optical fiber offers them the ideal solution for facing these challenges,” explains Muriel Jadot. A trend which is not just limited to large businesses. “An increasing number of SMEs or even retailers are asking for optical fiber. Whether it's to provide better connectivity to their customers or to respond to competition from online shops.”

Flexibility, speed and security

“Optical fiber is a bit like a tap,” smiles Muriel Jadot. “We can adjust the speed upward or downward according to our customers’ needs and how they evolve. This makes it possible for them to manage their investment.” Especially since Proximus optical fiber offers unrivalled connection speeds in Belgium.

Data which travels at the speed of light is more stable and more secure. The result: better sound and video quality - ideal for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or video conferencing - and better security. Pascal Thiry, IT Manager at Martin’s Hotels confirms, “All our hotels are connected by optical fiber.

This allows us to host our business applications such as centralised reservations as well as ensuring that our customers have a high-speed connection.” Used in a wide range of industries (horeca, automotive, household appliances, application services, etc.), optical fiber is probably already available for your business. Connection is free: so why not anticipate the future?

Read about the experiences of businesses that are already connected to optical fiber and check the connection options for your business.


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