Digital recruitment office in Antwerp harbor

Published on 07/04/2017 in Customer Stories

Digital recruitment office in Antwerp harbor

In the port of Antwerp, dockers no longer have to go to the recruitment office to take on their job for the day. Via the MyCepa platform, they can log in from a distance and gain access to various HR applications.

Many of the dockers in Antwerp harbor are not permanently employed by one of the port operators. Some of them are given a job on a daily basis via the recruitment office – known in the harbor as the ‘kot’ (the shed). Cepa has digitized this recruitment process. 

“In the past, the dockers had to report to the kot in person every day,” says Filip Matton, Organization Adviser and IT Manager at Cepa. “Via the MyCepa platform, that is no longer necessary. The dockers announce their availability via the Digikot application (which runs on the MyCepa platform) and can indicate their preference for certain jobs there. They then receive a reply from the recruiting operator via Digikot.” The advantage of the digital approach is that the dockers no longer have to go along to the recruitment office and the jobs are allocated more promptly and efficiently.

Surprisingly simple

Digikot was developed by Cepa itself, in collaboration with Proximus-partner ACA, and acts as a portal. Via the MyCepa platform, the dockers not only request work instructions, but they can register their holidays, etc. as well. Together with the introduction of the Digikot application, Cepa made available 4,800 tablets. “Every docker who works via the recruitment office has received an iPad mini,” Filip Matton explains. “This is a very varied user group, from young to old, from unskilled to highly skilled.” 

That is precisely why Cepa made the tablet and the application particularly easy to use. “We have preconfigured everything. The user simply has to log in with his username and password and he can start work immediately.” Those who so wish can follow a short training course with Cepa. A good 500 dockers have already registered for this. Cepa also provides online information and e-learning.

Real partner

To offer the right support, Cepa needed a solution for mobile device management (MDM). “We went to Proximus for that,” says Filip Matton, “and they in turn suggested Mobile Iron as the most appropriate solution.” Proximus came forward as a real partner, who conducted the negotiations on the licenses with Mobile Iron for Cepa. “After that, Proximus provided assistance with the whole set-up in terms of security and the preconfiguration of the devices,” Filip Matton goes on. “We were able to supplement our own knowledge with the Proximus expertise. So the implementation went very quickly.”

Reinforced network

The first tablets were rolled out in October 2016, at a rate of 120 per day. “Connecting with Wi-Fi in the harbor is not always easy. When something went wrong, Proximus analyzed the situation from a distance straight away and came up with a solution.” 

With the combination of Mobile Iron and iPad mini, Cepa keeps things simple. “One device type, securely and transparently managed,” Filip Matton says. During a transitional phase, the dockers come to the kot with their tablets and Cepa staff are there to answer any questions. “We anticipate that by the summer more and more dockers will log in from home via Digikot,” Filip Matton concludes.

Business benefits
  • Less travel and time saved for the dockers
  • Online access to various HR applications
  • Simple, secure management of the fleet of devices
  • Efficient roll-out of preconfigured tablets

Filip Matton is a former F16 pilot who by his own account ended up in IT quite by chance. He worked for various integrators and is now Organization Adviser and IT Manager at Cepa.

Cepa organizes the social policy of the freight handlers in the port of Antwerp. The organization provides personnel management for 8,200 dockers and takes care of social consultation with 120 port operators.

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