Advanced Workplace with Microsoft Teams including fixed telephony

Published on 11/06/2019 in Solutions & services

Advanced Workplace with Microsoft Teams including fixed telephony

It is important to enable staff to work together and communicate efficiently across sites and even across borders. With a team collaboration solution, you can fully embrace the advantages of teamwork.

Solutions to help people work together and communicate already exist. Just think of all the unified communication and collaboration tools that are available on the market. This concept is gradually evolving towards team collaboration: a real, central digital workplace, a sort of hub that promotes cooperation within teams and compiles relevant information.

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“Microsoft Teams, a solution for collaborative working, can bring people, but also documents, files and applications together in one environment,” says Yashfeen Saiyid, Advanced Workplace Lead at Proximus. With Teams, you can set up so-called channels so that various people are grouped together around a particular topic, maybe an important presentation that they have to give the following week.

“In this channel, everyone involved in the presentation can chat, exchange files, take part in videoconferencing and more. It brings together a great deal of information that is currently spread across different tools, systems and places.”

A customized digital workplace

“We have a wide range of solutions in our portfolio to determine the ideal digital workplace for our customers. We don’t put pressure on them to choose a particular solution. The customer is the focus and starting from the business needs, we examine the best path to the digital workplace for our customers. Which components, at what speed, which extra services, etc. All these things differ greatly from company to company. We don’t believe in one size fits all.”, Yashfeen adds.

“While we are able to help companies exploit the full potential of Microsoft Teams, sometimes companies don’t want to switch to a total cloud environment. In that case, we offer them a different solution, or advise them to go for a hybrid setup so certain groups of users can already start benefiting from using Teams. In every situation, we play the role of advisor, offering the right solution to the right customer.”

Integrating extra telephony services

Proximus offers Microsoft Teams with its fixed telephony services to facilitate team collaboration. “We enhance Microsoft Teams by making our fixed telephony range available for this cloud solution,” says Antoine Van Brussel, Head of Fixed Voice at Proximus. “You could already make phone calls in Teams, but only among Teams users. Now it is also possible to make and receive calls from external staff members or partners, directly within the Teams interface, from a fixed Proximus number.”

“We integrate extra telephony services for our Enterprise customers, like advanced call routing possibilities, voice disaster recovery to make sure you receive all calls that would otherwise go unanswered during technical downtime or disasters. The Proximus international telephony offering is made available in Teams, like for other Proximus solutions. Proximus already offers telephony in 10 countries. Thanks to this international offer, customers have a single point of contact for all telephony needs in Belgium and abroad. By integrating landline telephony and collaboration software, Teams has become a total solution for companies that can be fully adapted to their personal needs.”

Now you can make and receive calls from external staff members or partners, directly within the Teams interface, on a Proximus fixed number.

Antoine Van Brussel, Head of Fixed Voice at Proximus.

SPOC for end-to-end solution

“Another major advantage of this approach is that Proximus is the sole point of contact for customers,” Yashfeen adds. “We resolve all problems, regardless of whether they involve the network, the IT infrastructure or Teams itself. In the past, ping-pong matches sometimes took place between your various suppliers. That’s over and done with. Apart from Office 365, which Teams is part of, we also offer the entire Windows 10 range and cybersecurity. If customers head for the cloud, security is a very important aspect. We help our customers to find solutions here as well.”

Yashfeen: “As a certified Microsoft Gold partner, we offer the full Microsoft365 package: Office365, Windows 10 and cybersecurity. It is important that these components are looked at from a holistic point of view. We supply our customers with end-to-end services and we can help them from start to finish: giving strategic advice on the digital workplace, conducting readiness assessments, issuing licenses, providing migration and configuration services up to and including complete support for the entire environment.”

“For example, end users can contact our helpdesk not only for technical support, but also to ask functional questions. For some customers we even go ‘all the way’ in our service provision, undertaking the entire management of the digital workplace: from the end user’s physical device up to and including the applications they use.”

Change management

Antoine brings up another important aspect of the whole Teams and collaboration story. “Of course, this is about IT and digital possibilities, about increasing commitment among your staff and even about being well armed in the war for talent. But you shouldn’t underestimate the change management that comes with it. You install a new work culture, with new processes and workflows. That’s going to impact your people.”

Antoine: “Together with the customer, we determine the necessary change management to introduce these new tools to your company. How do you communicate with your staff about these tools? How do you make sure that your staff will use them properly? What training is best to offer? Do you go for digital manuals, videos, or traditional training sessions? We can draw up a customized adoption, communication and training plan.

One of the reasons why Proximus is well-placed to give this sort of transformation advice is because the company has itself experienced this kind of digital workplace transformation, Antoine says. “We’ve already gone through it ourselves and we know fairly well what works and what doesn’t. So, depending on the size and needs of the company, we can suggest the right things.”

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Antoine Van Brussel is responsible for all aspects of fixed telephony at the Proximus Enterprise Business Unit. He has worked at Proximus since 1999.

Yashfeen Saiyid takes care of all digital workplace developments at the Enterprise Business Unit. He has been working at Proximus for almost ten years.


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