Digital bills

Published on 01/02/2016 in Solutions & services

Digital bills

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and work more efficiently at the same time? Then e-billing is the right way to go. Electronic bills cut down on the paperwork and make your administrative tasks easier. Proximus offers its professional customers several options for receiving their Proximus bills electronically. You can choose a solution that’s tailored to your profile, the services being billed, and your business processes.

‘My green bill’
The simplest option for electronic billing is ‘my green bill’ from Proximus: you receive your bill by e-mail in the form of a pdf file. You also receive a notification by sms. So far, ‘my green bill’ is available for landline and mobile phone bills. This will soon be extended to all products and services. This service is free.

With Zoomit, you receive the Proximus digital bill directly into your e-banking application. If you work with several financial institutions, you receive the bills in your Isabel6 environment. You also receive a message by e-mail. Bills and payments are archived in your e-banking application. This option is available for landline and mobile phone bills. The basic Zoomit service is free.

With Basware, Proximus offers you several different options for receiving your electronic invoices. With Bizmail ONEway, you receive your invoice as a pdf file in your Basware portal, as well as getting an e-mail message. But you can also choose to combine electronic billing with your ERP or Accounts Payable system. Again, the basic service for receiving electronic invoices via Basware is free. Integration in your systems is obviously a paid service.

The MyProximus portal offers a number of smart services for self-management. For example, you can see copies of your invoices or check your current consumption before your next bill, enabling you to monitor your spending continuously and keep your phone use under control. MyProximus is a great addition to your official electronic invoice.

Low-carbon society
These extended capabilities for e-billing have not come about by chance: Proximus wishes to play an active role in protecting the environment and moving towards a low-carbon society. Apart from e-billing, this is happening in three areas:

  • reducing our CO2 emissions (e.g. green energy, green datacenters, etc.)
  • using NWoW solutions (video conferencing, working from home, etc.).
  • partnering with Recupel to recycle mobile phones and other devices.
Business benefits
  • Helps the environment by reducing paper consumption
  • Improves efficiency and simplifies your administration
  • Aids clear archiving
  • Removes the need for bulky paper records


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