Connect your business applications to your telephony

Published on 23/05/2020 in Inspire

Connect your business applications to your telephony

By integrating your business applications into your telephone exchange, your staff can work more efficiently and offer your customers a perfect customer experience. Find out how integrating your business applications into your telephone exchange simplifies, speeds up and digitalizes your operating processes.

Digitalization via one single, integrated platform

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are very popular. According to Gartner, the average company has between 12 and 15 of them. Just think of CRM or ERP tools in the cloud. Are these integrated into your telephone system? If so, everything can be reached from one single platform and your staff have access to your customers’ digital dossiers from any device (laptop, PC, tablet, softphone, smartphone) whenever and wherever they wish.

Easy customer management with CloudCTI

If everything is integrated, you can offer your customers an enjoyable end-to-end experience. CloudCTI is a software program in the cloud that integrates computers and telephony (Computer Telephony Integration - CTI) and connects any customer database, CRM or ERP application to any Proximus telephone exchange.

When a call comes in, a customer dossier can be opened automatically on the basis of the telephone number displayed. Your staff member can see all previous contacts with the customer at a glance, along with which actions have been taken. That means they can give a targeted response to the customer’s question: what is the situation as regards stocks or the delivery time, what outstanding invoices are there, etc. The perfect way to help your customer from start to finish in one conversation.

Reaching your customers to even better effect

With an integrated telephony solution, you can combine real-time communication options such as text messages, telephony and video with business applications such as Salesforce and call center applications. So you integrate all your communication with your customers in your own environment.

Fast and efficient cooperation with Rainbow™

Your staff are now more mobile. They communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc. in widely differing ways. And to do so, they use digital means of collaboration.

Rainbow™ is a cloud-based Unified Communications (UCaaS) platform that offers telephone, web and video conferences, instant messaging (chat) and discussion group (chat groups), presence, screen and file exchange solutions all synchronized on multiple devices (telephone, smartphone, softphone on laptop, tablet, computer).

With Rainbow™, you can integrate all these collaboration tools with your Forum 700(0) telephone exchange in one system. Handy for your colleagues to switch in a flash and confer with one another quickly and efficiently. Wherever-, whenever- and however they wish.

Rainbow™ licenses free for one month. More info

Integrate your business applications into your telephone exchange.

Find out how

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How can we help you integrate your applications?

All Proximus telephone exchanges (on-site, cloud or hybrid) can be connected to your business applications. These can be managed by your IT department or by Proximus. They can run locally or in the cloud.

With a cloud telephone exchange or a hybrid telephone exchange you benefit from the advantages of the cloud. Your staff at all your sites, at a distance, on the road or at home can use all your company’s communication and collaboration tools via the cloud.

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