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Cheaper surfing abroad

Published on 22/03/2015 in Solutions & services

Cheaper surfing abroad

Since 1 July 2012, fixed maximum standard rates have applied to roaming in Europe. Proximus wants to make surfing abroad even simpler and cheaper. That way, everyone can continue to work and communicate without any worries. In addition, system administrators are better able to track the levels of usage.

Mobile surfing is more than just a trend while on a (business) trip. It should be possible to look up something quickly anywhere, any time, to follow up on work and communicate with employees and customers. With a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you simply have your office with you in a handy format, and nobody even needs to notice that you are not in the country.

Warning when usage exceeds the limit
Given that the costs for this sometimes used to result in rather unpleasant surprises, the new European legislation forces providers to set a block on your data traffic as soon as the cost exceeds € 50. You also get a warning once you are at 80% of the maximum volume. Proximus introduced two packages with which you can now surf even cheaper while abroad.

Package for intensive travelers
For individual use, there is Travel Mobile Internet. You get a mobile data volume of 300 MB per month in Europe, Albania, China, Japan, New Zealand, the USA and Switzerland. This is the ideal solution for employees who wish to be productive wherever they are, without having to worry about the cost of using their mobile. With this package, you also get a warning if the cost is higher than € 50 or you have consumed 80% of your maximum volume.

Shared data volume
The Shared Data Roaming packs are intended for a whole group of employees. As an IT manager, you can subscribe to a set data volume for an unlimited number of employees. Individual activation is not necessary. Your employees use the volume according to the principle ‘first in, first out’. The size of the total roaming volume can vary from 5 to 60 GB per month, which can be chosen according to your company’s needs or the number of travelers. The roaming rates for these packs apply in all European countries, Albania, China, Japan, New Zealand, the US and Switzerland, plus Brazil, Canada, India and Russia. Blocking and warnings about the subscriber’s usage cannot be communicated individually.

Business benefits
  • Carefree mobile working abroad
  • Higher productivity
  • Satisfied employees


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