New 'Z-Smart Cities' series on Canal Z

Published on 24/03/2017 in News

New 'Z-Smart Cities' series on Canal Z

Last year on Canal Z you saw how local authorities tackle challenges such as the ageing population, energy savings, congestion, waste heaps … The challenges remain, and so does the series. See how cities are improving liveability via smart solutions.

Smart cities use innovative technological solutions to improve liveability, sustainability, mobility, accessibility. Waste apps, digitization of notarial and other administrative information, bicycle hire programmes, etc. A common feature is that they all function on the right IT solutions and the most suitable connectivity.

Internet of Things

So too the growing possibilities of LoRaWAN technology (large reach coupled to low energy consumption). This led, for example, to EnergySmart, a smart solution for monitoring energy and adjusting it remotely, or to special parking apps. Last year Canal Z brought you reports about such innovative initiatives in ten smart Belgian cities.

Active citizenship in Vilvoorde

In early March 2017 a new series of ten episodes started. The first one concerned the city of Vilvoorde, which according to Mayor Bonte would like to become more appealing and more liveable with the use of the right IT. One of the many examples was the recently introduced Citilab, an internet platform that aims to promote active citizenship. 

Smart Parking

The first episode also highlighted a new form of smart parking. Using smart parking systems local authorities can offer a fluid and regular parking system in their shopping streets. The St. Ghislain district set the ball rolling with an innovative formula for short-stay parking as part of its ‘free’ parking policy. This solution was enabled by Proximus subsidiary Be-Mobile.

Mobility via CITRUS 

In the second episode, mobility will take center stage. More precisely, Be-Mobile and Colruyt will discuss the CITRUS project, which promotes intelligent transport systems for sustainable mobility. In the following episodes too, Proximus will review numerous innovative solutions for smart cities in combination with client testimonials.

Missed an episode? 
Follow the series at the weekend on Canal Z or via the website.


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