Self-employed multi-tasker? Do more with these task managers

by Proximus Bizz teamBe inspired22/07/2015

Self-employed multi-tasker? Do more with these task managers
If you run your own business, you need to multi-task: ideas, tasks, appointments, orders, … It's not always easy to do everything at the right time. A good diary will go some way, but these four task managers really make a difference.


OneNote helps you stay on top of your business. This free app gathers al of your ideas, links, images and texts in one central location. You can easily compare it to a sophisticated version of the classic notebook. With the marked difference that OneNote syncs seamlessly with Microsoft Office.Moreover, you can add as many notebooks as you like, so you'll never again have to search pockets and drawers for that scrap of paper with your latest brilliant idea.


This free list manager goes wherever you go: on your smartphone or tablet, but also on your laptop or desktop. Effortlessly synchronise your tasks on virtually any platform. Todoist offers a system of deadlines, recurring tasks, priorities, projects and colours for all your tasks and appointments. Furthermore, the visual planner maps your whole day. Or would you rather delegate? Not a problem, because you can easily share tasks and projects with colleagues, friends and family.

Google Keep

Google Keep gives you access to colourful, digital post-its that you can use in your web browser or on your Android device. It's a great way to keep your notes, checklists, images, soundbytes and texts synchronised between various platforms. You can also add reminders to every note and the cheerful colour coding makes it easy to tell all of your projects apart.


If you like to arrange your tasks in a comprehensive list, this mobile to-do manager is right for you. Wunderlist keeps track of your lists and synchronizes them on just about any platform. The tool is very fast and lets you create as many lists as you need. You can add reminders to every task and a simple star icon lets you prioritise your tasks quickly.

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