SEO, or the science of attracting visitors to your web site

Published on 03/12/2015 in Inspiration

SEO, or the science of attracting visitors to your web site

Of course your business has its own web site. That is an inescapable requirement in today’s business environment. But how do you make sure that as many people as possible find your site? A technique called SEO can do just that!

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, or the art of making web sites visible to internet search engines of which Google is of course easily the most important. When surfers enter a search command in Google, the site will return a list of web sites that they suspect will meet the needs of the surfer. The higher you are ranked on this list, the more chance you have that surfers will click through to your site.

To determine where your web site should end up on their list, Google uses an amazingly complex algorythm. At the start, Google just counted how many other sites linked to yours. They still do that but, nowadays, that’s just one of the multitude of criteria they use. Today, Google tries very hard to determine the quality of your site’s content by “reading” your site. That’s why it’s very important to use certain keywords in your content. Other factors are the percentage of users that click through to another site from yours, how fast your site loads and how much unique content you are offering (as opposed to content or text that is available elsewhere as well). There are literally hundreds of parameters that play a role and, to make sure no one cheats, they keep changing and improving those parameters all the time.

Regularly add unique content

Keywords are very important in the SEO process. Keywords are those search terms that people are most likely to use when they are looking for a site or content. When you add keywords in your texts, try to use words that are unique to your business and that are neither to broad nor too specific. So try to use, for instance, “Best safari’s in Kenia” instead of just “Africa”, and also try to focus on sentences instead of singular words.
Frequency of writing is another major factor. If you write one text about a specific content, that is not really going to help you. But if you add good content regularly, it will.

The importance of keywords

Even where you use ‘your’ unique keywords is of importance. Don’t just use them in your actual texts, but also try to apply them in the page title, your domain name, description, site title, etc. An old technique was to hide a massive amount of keywords and links in page coding where it was only visible to search engines. That’s really not done today, because Google will lower your ranking if they find you’re using that technique.
Finally, you don’t have to submit your site to Google to be included in their ranking. The best way to get noticed is by making sure that other sites link to you.

Follow the guide

A lot of businesses leave their SEO strategies to specialists simply because it’s not always easy, but also because SEO should be an ongoing area of attention. It’s not something you do once and then drop. For those who’re interested, Google has an excellent (and free) SEO manual on offer. To find the guide, simply head over to Google and search for “Google SEO Guide”.

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