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Affordable headphones and speakers for entrepreneurs

Published on 17/09/2018 in Tech, tips & tricks

Affordable headphones and speakers for entrepreneurs

Our Proximus Centers have a selection of headphones and speakers on offer. We are giving a 10% discount on some first-class wireless accessories which self-employed workers can also benefit from.

Are you an entrepreneur who is often on the road or who shares a workspace with others? If so, you may sometimes want to listen to music or a podcast undisturbed (and above all, without disturbing those around you). In that case, good headphones are essential.

Self-employed workers with a private office like to have a reliable speaker on their desk. The range on offer is overwhelming, so we’re happy to help you make your choice...

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones (€ 206.99)
With a battery life of 40 hours, you can listen to your favorite audio material all day. No train journey is too long. No environment is too loud: the Solo3 neutralizes outside noise.    

AirPods (€ 143.99)
Apple’s AirPods are ideal for wireless phone calls or to talk via Siri, but also to listen to uplifting music or inspiring podcasts. Functional and stylish.   

BeatsX Earphones (€ 115.99)
These wireless earphones are fast-charging and Siri compatible, as well. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can call for hours without having to compromise on freedom of movement. A great companion on the road and in the office.     

JBL Wireless in-ear headphones E25BT (€ 53.99)
Thanks to the neckband, these headphones stay in place, even when things get really hectic. You don’t miss a single call, because you can switch easily between your playlist and incoming calls. 

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker (€ 89.99)
Give your workplace an auditive boost with this powerful JBL speaker. You can connect your mobile devices via Bluetooth in a flash. Sit back and take all your business calls handsfree.    

JBL GO2 portable Bluetooth mini speaker (€ 31.49)
This speaker is very compact but does not compromise on sound quality. With the built-in speaker phone, you can hold flawless Skype and phone conversations.  

JBL Soundgear BTA (€ 206.99)
For those who don’t know whether to choose a headset or speakers, we have just the solution. You wear the JLB Soundgear round your neck, leaving your ears and hands free. So you don’t disconnect from your surroundings, which is practical in the office or the car. 


Have you chosen the perfect speaker or headset for you from the list above? If so, we’d quickly like to suggest two podcasts that are worth listening too, especially for entrepreneurs:

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