GreenKit: sustainable products for mother and baby

Published on 04/10/2018 in Your stories

GreenKit: sustainable products for mother and baby

Saar Vangeel’s main activity is teaching adults Dutch as a second language. She also works on an exciting project: GreenKit, a free discovery box containing samples of sustainable products for mother and baby. News of an exciting and inspiring report about sustainable entrepreneurship.

Name                  :   Saar Vangeel
Function            :   Entrepreneur
Company          :   GreenKit, a free discovery box with samples of sustainable products for mother and baby
Her expertise  :  Help parents find environmentally friendly products for their children
Website             :

GreenKit: designed for future parents

Saar had the idea for her business venture 6 years ago. As a mother, she only wanted eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products for her children. But she couldn’t find them. It was why she decided to launch GreenKit, so other parents didn’t have to make the same extensive search themselves.

“Eco-friendly products for children? I’ve found them. It’s why I want to help other future parents!”

Half teacher, half entrepreneur

Saar continues with her main activity with great enthusiasm and pleasure. But the energy that remains is invested in her passion: ecology. “My entrepreneurial spirit can be summed up in 5 words: enthusiasm, discovery, environmental respect and happiness.”

Experts, enthusiasm and … chocolate

“If I had to choose three things that would help me as an entrepreneur, it would be the support of experts first, especially for subjects that I don’t master myself. Then, the enthusiasm of the people I talk to about Greenkit. And finally ... chocolate!”

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