Search smarter with Google

by Proximus Bizz teamBe inspired26/02/2016

Search smarter with Google
The possibilities Google offers are very extensive. Want to get to the right information faster? Here are some valuable tips and tricks.

Looking for specific information? The more refined your search query, the faster you will find the right answers. So if you’re looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, you’d better use some so-called search operators. 

We’ve listed some useful examples below:

Operator What it does Example
“xx xx xx” Exact word combination “tablet Samsung 32 GB”
xx * xx Joker no * like home
xx . . xx Numbers range BMW 2013 . . 2015
˜xx Comparable search terms ˜marketing
-xx Exclude words audi colour -car
-xx OR xx One of two search results phone OR smartphone
xx site:xx Search inside a web site iPhone site:proximus.be
related:xx Search related web sites related: theguardian.co.uk
define:xx Search definition define:Ghz
filetype:xx Search filetype filetype:pdf manual iPad
Free images

Looking for images for your web site or blog? The prices of stock images can be sky high. But there is an alternative: enter your search term in Google Search and then click on Images – Search Tools – Usage rights. The select Labeled for reuse or Labeled for reuse with modification. Use Size to filter on image sizes. More Tools – Show Sizes can come in useful as well because this option will show the exact image size for every thumbnail. 

Business Travel

Going abroad for business? With Google Flights you get an immediate overview of all available flights. Just indicate which airport(s) you’d like to leave from and Google will show the different alternatives and their price details.
Of course you can go one further and book your hotel while you’re at it. Want to check the local weather before you leave? Go back to Google Search and enter ‘weather Barcelona’ or ‘weather Boston’, or whatever your destination is. Should come in handy if you can’t make up your mind on what clothes to pack. Wondering about currency exchange rates? Type ‘100 euro in pound’ or ’50 euro in dollar’ and get an immediate conversion. 

Get notifications

Want to stay on top of what’s happening in your professional field? With Google Alerts you receive an email every time there is interesting news on a topic you listed. Want to know everything about the iPhone 7? You could check a range of different web sites for news. If that’s too time-consuming, head over to google.be/alerts and enter ‘iPhone 7’, then add your email address. In the Options, you can choose how often to receive updates and from which sources. You can even set language and region preferences.
And what’s stopping you from setting an alert for your own business or products? That way you will stay up to date every time Google discovers some new information about you.

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