My Bizz Expert keeps tabs on my telecoms

Published on 28/08/2018 in Your stories

My Bizz Expert keeps tabs on my telecoms

At AJC Conseils, everyone has their own line of work: the missus takes care of the credits, while mister handles investments. Almost 10 years ago Axelle and Jean-Christophe, partners in both banking and in life, decided to do their own thing in the banking and insurance world. They chose to start from scratch so as to enjoy more freedom and be closer to their customers.

As an attentive business owner, Jean-Christophe keeps a close eye on his costs. That’s why he seeks regular advice from his Bizz Expert.

"People come first in our line of work”

Until about four years ago AJC Conseils had an ATM out in front. “We removed it and hired an extra pair of hands for our office. She helps us welcome our customers and build a personal connection with them.” The five-members of the AJC Conseils team prefer human and individual contact. Jean-Christophe adds: “I like to meet my customers and dig in to their story. I often visit them. So often, even, that some don’t even remember where our office is!”

Getting by with just a smartphone

When he’s out visiting customers, the banker doesn’t need a computer and heavy file folders anymore. “Today I have everything I need on my smartphone: all the financial information I need, my diary, my contacts, my emails, … And with 4G I can check stock exchanges and exchange rates in real-time.”

Wasting hours configuring my new smartphone? No, I’d rather spend that time with my customers.

Super-fast configuration

Two years ago, Jean-Christophe signed up to a Proximus offer and exchanged his old smartphone for a new iPhone 7. “A few days later I had the phone in my hands. And since I didn’t want to spend hours on all the setting up, I dropped in on my Bizz Expert, a bit further down the road. He got me going in no time. Very handy, indeed!”

Nothing better than a small check-up

Jean-Christophe is a numbers man, so he likes to be in control of his affairs as well. “As the manager of a business, I try to minimise costs. So it has become a matter of habit to regularly meet my suppliers, like Proximus. We go through my invoices, we check where we can optimise things and what new services, if any, are out there for me.”

Next step: phone central in the cloud

Thanks to new technology, businesses have undergone rapid changes. And AJC Conseils is part of that evolution. “No longer are there stacks and stacks of paper for us. Everything is scanned and stored on secure servers.” Customers can also make appointments via the bank’s website or use an app to handle their daily banking needs. Jean-Christophe: “The next step will be to put our phone central in the cloud. And I’m counting on my Bizz Expert to give me the best advice!”

“I found Henry on Facebook!”

The internet has lots of positive sides to it, or so Jean-Christophe thinks. “Do you know how I hired Henry? Through our Facebook page. I had called and mailed a number of contacts in my industry and got no results. So, just to cover all angles, I posted a message on Facebook. A number of our followers shared the post and, so in the end, the virtual viral message turned out to be the most efficient.”

Discover today what your Bizz Expert can do for your business!

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