Tegels Van Riel: our Bizz Expert's choice

Published on 03/09/2018 in Your stories

Tegels Van Riel: our Bizz Expert's choice

It was written in the stars that Philippe Van Riel would follow in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. He was brought up on entrepreneurship, which means Philippe manages his tile company his way. With his own placement service. His own vision. But there are some things you have to let go. Like your telecom. To a Bizz Expert.

Third generation

“I actually have a background in electronics. But you know how it is: blood is thicker than water. After two years at college, I decided to do what my grandfather and father did before me. The third generation of Tegels Van Riel became a reality,” confirms Philippe Van Riel.

Service as a trump card

The fact is Philippe’s been in the tiling business for 25 years already, and Tegels Van Riel has become a healthy business with 8 employees. “Our best trump card is our own installation service. In this way, we are able to control everything: the showroom, sales and installation,” Van Riel explains. “Selling is what I like most about my job. The social contact and making sure people get the service they deserve.”

“All of my telecom solutions in 1 pack and great service on top: Proximus was the logical choice.”

It’s crucial to have the right tools

“I do the measurements and the follow-up on site. This allows me to stay close to my customers and get a good view on what our staff are involved in. Afternoons are set aside for company admin. Well, I try, at least”, Philippe continues. “But to give my customers the service they deserve, I need the right tools. And I recently found those at Proximus.”

Bizz Expert Rudy, telecom know it all

“I’m a long-time Belgacom customer for our fixed line. And for our mobile subscriptions I opted for Proximus again about 6 months ago, after some side steps to the competition,” Van Riel continues.

Proximus was the obvious choice: “I’m a member of the BNI business network, a group of independent entrepreneurs. That’s where I met Rudy. He’s a Bizz Expert at Proximus and a proper know-it-all when it comes to telecom! I asked him to look into our telecom and that’s exactly what he did. And successfully as well, because my monthly invoice amount has decreased significantly. While the service level has increased at the same time!”

All-in pack

Thanks to Bizz Expert Rudy, Tegels Van Riel has its telecom affairs well sorted out. “Rudy’s expertise helped us choose a very interesting all-in pack with fixed, mobile phone and internet. I also do a fair amount of work from home – you know the work of an entrepreneur is never done (laughs) – so home internet and Proximus TV are included as well. And all of that on just one invoice. That makes it easy!”

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