PIN codes for Proximus TV

There are 2 PIN codes for Proximus TV, i.e. 2 secret 4-digit codes:

  • The parental control PIN code that you use to access channels you have protected or to consult different configuration menus.
  • The purchasing PIN code that you use to rent a video on demand.

The default PIN code is 1234, but you can change it, deactivate it or reactivate it as often as you want:

  1. Press the menu key and select:
    • In French: paramètres > système > securité et vie privée (or mon compte > paramètres > réglages du code PIN, depending on your TV menu).
    • In Dutch: instellingen > systeem > veiligheid / privacy (or mijn account > instellingen > instellingen pincode, depending on your TV menu).
  2. Enter your parental control PIN code (and select gestions des codes PIN / pincodes beheren, depending on your menu). You can then change, activate or deactivate your PIN codes.
  3. Once you've finished configuring the PIN code, select valider (or bevestigen) to save your changes. The changes take effect immediately, so you don't have to restart your television or the decoder.

What to do if you don't remember what your PIN code is? If you have forgotten what your PIN code is, call our technical service and keep your customer number at hand (where to find your customer number?). We will remotely reset your PIN code to the default code (i.e. 1234).

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