9 tips for improving your Wi-Fi

Tip 1

Place your modem in a good location

Place your modem (b-box 3 or b-box 2) in an open space, not in a cabinet! If possible, at the center of your home, with the indicator lights facing outwards and, ideally, more than one meter from the ground. Do you have a b-box 3? Orient it vertically.

Tip 2

Get close to your modem

Use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop as close as possible to your modem because the strength of the Wi-Fi signal can diminish with distance.

Tip 3

Let your device choose the best network

On a b-box 3, there are two Wi-Fi networks: one at 5 GHz and the other at 2.4 GHz. The first time, connect to each of these networks in turn (How to connect to a Wi-Fi network?). Your device will automatically choose the best one.

Tip 4

Change the Wi-Fi channel

A Wi-Fi network is a frequency band divided into Wi-Fi channels. Wireless devices in your home or in your neighborhood may be using the same channel as your modem, causing interference. It could be a baby phone, another modem, a microwave, etc.

To surf faster, we advise you to choose the best Wi-Fi channel with the Home Optimizer app.

Tip 5

Test your Wi-Fi

Is it very slow? Try using another device. If the connection is better on another device, it could be your device that has a problem.

NB: Various sites and applications offer you the possibility to test your Internet speed, but these "speed tests" are not always reliable and give variable results. So interpret the results with care.

Tip 6

Don’t overload your Wi-Fi

The quality of your Wi-Fi signal also depends on your usage: if you download very heavy files or use several devices at the same time, the quality of your signal will decline.

Tip 7

Reboot your modem

If your Internet connection is very slow or constantly interrupted, reboot your modem.

Tip 8

Extend your network with a Wi-Fi Extender

Do you live in a house or large apartment? The Wi-Fi signal may not be strong enough to cover every room in your home. In that case, extend your network using a Wi-Fi Extender.

Tip 9

Request your Happy House visit

You always feel it should go faster? We'll simply stop by your home and check everything, to be sure that your Internet and TV works smoothly. It’s free! Request your Happy House visit.

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