Set up an out-of-office

Going on holiday? Sick for a few days? In that case, set up an out-of-office message. This message is automatically sent in reply to any e-mails you receive.

  1. Log in to Proximus Webmail with your e-mail address and your password.
  2. Click Blue Settings icon (3 bars) in the top right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
    Click "Settings".
  4. Click E-mail.
  5. Click Vacation notice.
  6. Set up an out-of-office and activate this message by checking the Enable box. Finally, click the Save button.
    Click "Vacation notice" from the Email drop-down menu.

Your message will be sent as a reply to the first message of every sender, so once to every sender. The received e-mails will be stored in your mailbox.

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