Proximus Secure Net

On your mobile and fixed Proximus network


From instead of €30 /month for 3 months

For the price of your daily coffee, we protect every device connected to your internet.

  • No installation required, activate now via MyProximus
  • Your internet traffic is filtered by Cisco Umbrella
  • Affordable protection from €3 per month
Activate Secure Net free for 3 months
Secure Net 3 months for free

During the last 30 days, Proximus Secure Net has blocked on average:

Cyberthreats by customer

of which





How does Proximus Secure Net work?

Protect yourself against malware, phishing, and viruses

Proximus Secure Net filters your business's internet traffic and protects every device connected to your internet subscription and line.

How? We block access to harmful websites.

Thus, you enjoy network security for your business with your mobile and fixed internet subscription.

How safe is Proximus Secure Net?

Built by world-class analysts and engineers.

  • Detects threats before you connect.
  • Stops phishing and malware.
  • Prevents personal data from being stolen.

 Always be vigilant and follow the tips from Safeonweb.

You are protected when you surf with your internet subscription, such as on your Wi-Fi or via your mobile data.

How does Proximus Secure Net change my browsing experience?

Good news, Proximus Secure Net does not affect your browsing experience.

You won't notice anything while browsing, as it operates at the network level.

Dangerous websites are blocked immediately. Thus, your devices and personal data are safe.

How do I activate Proximus Secure Net? How can I secure my network?

Do you already have a fixed or mobile internet product or a pack combining both?

  1. Go to MyProximus
  2. Click on Add product
  3. Under the Security category, click on Proximus Secure Net and follow the steps

What is a cyber attack?

Every intentional attempt to steal, expose, alter, or destroy data.

A cyber attack occurs through unauthorized access to networks, computer systems, or digital devices.

The goal? Often to cause chaos and benefit from it. Protect your data, stay alert.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Malware: Harmful software that can damage your computer, steal sensitive information, or disrupt the operation of your systems.

Phishing: In phishing, someone pretends to be a trustworthy person or company to steal your data.

Crypto: A crypto attack tries to break the encryption (security) of your data, putting your information at risk.

Command and Control: Here, cybercriminals remotely take control of your system to cause damage or to carry out further attacks.

With Proximus Norton Security you Stay safe on Guest Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, Hotspots. Protected abroad. Remain private with VPN.

Protect yourself on other networks as well

Norton Security

  • Stay safe on others' Wi-Fi (Guest Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, Hotspots, ...)
  • Protect your device even abroad
  • With VPN, remain private, wherever you are

All our security solutions for SMEs

Promotion valid until 31/12/2024: benefit from a 3-month free trial of Proximus Secure Net.

After this period, your free trial will automatically become a paying subscription for an indefinite period, in accordance with the specific conditions of the Proximus Secure Net service, unless you cancel your free trial before the end of the 3-month period.

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