Everything for your smartphone

Services to make sure it stays in top shape!

Keep your smartphone safe

Smartphone Omnium

Insure your smartphone against material damage, oxidation, theft or fraudulent use of your SIM card.

12 /month

Norton Security

Don't give viruses and hackers a chance, protect your phone. You'll also be able to track your smartphone easily in case it gets stolen.

First month free of charge

2 or 5 /month


Fully protect your smartphone with a protective layer - ideal against scratches and dents! Available in matte, classic or color versions.

Choose your Clear-Coat, from 29.99

Make sure it’s stays good condition


You can ask to repair your smartphone via our Shops. You will receive a text message or e-mail as soon as your device is available in your Proximus Shop.


You can borrow free of charge a smartphone in case of theft, loss or repair.

Use this replacement smartphone for 1 month max, you can ask up to 2 replacements per year.

Need a little help?

Basic information

We replace or install your SIM card and show you how to use your new smartphone, basic configuration included.

All this free of charge.

Advanced configuration

We make sure that you can surf, send e-mails and install applications. On top, we transfer your contacts, photos, videos and multimedia files.

Price: 10

Personalized training

Need a full training on how to use your smartphone? It’s possible in your Proximus Shop.

Price: 20

Want our help with your smartphone, need a full configuration or a training?

Use this to your advantage


When you recycle your old mobile phone, you recycle precious natural resources! You get a voucher of minimum €10 (can be more depending of the value of your smartphone).

Smartphone deals

Want a smartphone at reduced price, with a subscription?