Daily Roaming Pass

Für Ihre Reisen außerhalb der Europäischen Union

  • Keine Aktivierung erforderlich
  • Einen festen Preis pro Tag
  • Nutzen Sie Ihr belgisches Abonnement im Ausland

On vacation without worries!

Use your mobile subscription outside the European Union and pay a fixed price per day: the Daily Roaming Pass. This is activated automatically when you:

  • make a call or send more than 2 text or MMS messages to Belgium or the visited country
  • receive a call from any country
  • use your data in the visited country

The Daily Roaming Pass will be valid for 24 hours and costs 5.95 /day or 11.95 /day depending on the visited country.

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What the Daily Roaming Pass does not include:

  • Calls made to other countries than Belgium or the visited country.
  • Text messages sent to other countries than Belgium or the visited country.

For some countries, the regular roaming tariffs still apply.

Good to know

  • You receive 2 text messages per day to Belgium or the visited country so you can keep in touch with your loved ones at no extra cost. Cool, isn't it?
  • You will be informed by text message each time the Daily Roaming Pass is activated.

Stay in control of your budget

A maximum of 10 Daily Roaming Passes will be charged per month, i.e. €59,50 in zone A or €119,50 in zone B. From the 11th day onwards, the Daily Roaming Pass will remain active at no extra cost for the rest of the month.

Check the status of your Daily Roaming Pass and your usage abroad at any time in the MyProximus app.

Traveling in Europe?

In Europe, the Daily Roaming Pass does not apply. You enjoy your mobile subscription as in Belgium: you can call, text and use your mobile data as if you were in Belgium. Without extra cost and within the limits of your subscription of course!

See the list of European countries

Still have questions?

It is not possible to deactivate the Daily Roaming Pass, but nothing changes for a customer who does not want to have additional roaming costs. All they have to do, like they do now, is to cut off their mobile data usage and make sure that they do not make or receive any calls (by activating the airplane mode, for example) and that they do not exceed the free limit of 2 SMSes sent and 2 MMS sent to and received from Belgium or the visited country per 24-hour period.

Let's take the case of a Proximus customer travelling to Canada, his Daily Roaming Pass is active. He decides to call an Italian friend. In this case, the rate for a Canada - Italy call applies. All rates are available when you enter your destination country at the top of this page.

No problem, we take into account the usage in each zone. As soon as the total amount of €59,50 in Zone A or €119,50 in Zone B is reached, you no longer have to pay the Daily Roaming Pass and benefit from free mobile sessions within the limits of your Belgian subscription until the end of the calendar month.
Let's imagine a customer who uses his smartphone for 5 days in Zone B and then continues his journey in a Zone A country. He has already been charged 5 x €11.95 = €59.75 in Zone B. He will no longer have to pay for the next Daily Roaming Pass in Zone A and will therefore no longer be charged for the use of his smartphone (within the limits of his Belgian subscription) in Zone A until the end of the calendar month.

If you go from Zone A to Zone B, the amount already paid for in Zone A is taken into account. When using the mobile subscription in Zone B, an additional amount of €6 is charged, and the Daily Roaming Pass remains valid until the end of the 24-hour period.

If you move from Zone B to Zone A, the Daily Roaming Pass remains active until the end of the 24-hour period at no extra cost.

Wir wollen unsere Kunden auch weiterhin vor unangenehmen Überraschungen auf Reisen im Ausland schützen und sperren daher weiterhin die mobile Datennutzung, wenn diese € 60 oder € 121 erreicht hat. Um Sie weiter zu schützen, ist der Daily Roaming Pass in diesem Limit für die mobile Datennutzung enthalten. Daher ist es möglich, dass der Daily Roaming Pass nicht aktiviert wird, wenn dieses Limit erreicht ist. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie ihn in Mein Proximus entfernen können.

Another question?

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