A new movie’s journey: from the cinema to your TV screen

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Regularly watching a brand-new blockbuster at home is the ideal way of unwinding after a busy day or working week. Especially if you love movies. But how long do you actually have to wait once the movie you want to watch has left the silver screen? We looked into this for you.

A new movie’s journey: from the cinema to your TV screen

Every Flemish and foreign film more or less treads the same path, heading in the direction of our on-demand catalog and within quite a predictable time frame. Here’s why.

1. In the movie theaters

Everything obviously kicks off with the premiere at the cinema. Armed with a tub load of nachos or popcorn you'll be able to watch your average movie there exclusively for about 3 months on average. After that, the time is ripe for the film to make the transition to your TV screen, smartphone or tablet.

2. Available on demand in our catalog

For a period of about 5 months, you’ll thus be among the first to have access to the film at home. Both the new movies available and the period during which you can rent them on demand from us are exactly the same as with Telenet and other providers.

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3. Broadcast on TV channels

About 20 months after being released, the time has come for the film to be broadcast to the general public "for free" on TV. What movie is shown on what channel depends on the agreements the channels have made with the distributors.

4. Immortalized in catalogs

After some 3 years have passed since the release on the big screen, all providers assess to what extent the film has become a classic and whether it fits in with the rest of their offering. Depending on that decision the film may come to streaming services like Pickx Mix , Pickx+ , Netflix or Disney+ .

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