Do you have to pay a termination penalty?

Do you have to pay a termination penalty when you cancel your contract before term?

If you have maximum 5 lines, you can cancel a contract for a Classic phone line, for Internet or for TV subscribed after 16/07/2012 when you want, without termination penalties, in writing and with 30 days advance notice.

  • Have you received a discount on a device when subscribing?
    If you have received a discount on a device (mobile phone, TV set, etc.) when subscribing, then you have a contract of at least 24 months.
    If you terminate your contract prematurely, you must pay the remaining amount of the device as stated in the table you received when subscribing.
  • Do you hire a device from Proximus?
    If you hire a device (tablet, telephone, etc.) from Proximus, then you have a 24-month contract.
    If you prematurely terminate your contract, you must pay a termination penalty. This penalty is equal to the hire fees still due until the end of the contract.

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