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300 /advertising campaign

Digital advertising campaign with Google Ads

  • Appear at the top of Google searches in the "Ad" section.
  • A direct Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Made by a our digital expert (Google Certified)
  • Including regular, detailed reporting
  • The Google Ads advertising campaign lasts until the budget runs out, after about 3 months.

This option is only available with Bizz Online. Learn more about Bizz Online

Start up costs included.

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Google Ads

consumers, who search locally on Google, visit a store within 8 km of their current location.
Source: SEO Stats for 2019


Service only available as an option on Bizz Online S, M or L for €300 per marketing campaign. Configuration costs of the campaign are included. Several campaigns, consecutive or not, are possible.The configuration and management costs of a campaign are 90 EUR and are offered during the first campaign. The rest of the price (210 EUR and 300 EUR for the first campaign) is to spend on the Google AdWords platform until the budget runs out.


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