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Fiber is the technology of the future. The fiber cables transmit data over long distances at the speed of light and thus offer many advantages, including an ultra-fast and much more stable Internet connection than with traditional copper cables.

Proximus is therefore modernising its network by gradually replacing these copper cables by fiber cables. And unlike most other operators who stop at the street, Proximus is installing fiber right into your home, to ensure the best possible performance now and in the future. In the long term, our copper network will be completely replaced by this new technology.

Your fiber connection is completely free of charge for every activation of a Fiber pack, whether you are an existing Proximus customer or not. If you opt for another fiber product outside the pack, for example Internet Fiber, a fee of € 59 will be charged for a new installation.

You will continue to have your current connection, without change. However, you should know that the current Proximus copper network will eventually have to be replaced by fiber.

To be able to benefit from fiber as soon as it becomes available in your city, whether you are already a Proximus customer or not, your pack must be compatible with Proximus fiber. You need a fiber compatible product/pack to be on the fiber network.

It all depends on your current pack, your options... and the pack you choose. In addition, you will receive a promotion of €120 (€10 for 12 months) when you activate your fiber pack.

Discover the Flex Fiber packs

No, you can always change or cancel your application at any time and free of charge. You are also always free to choose another operator for fiber.

The network builder Fiberklaar will start by installing the fiber in the streets. This phase will take several months. Then, Fiberklaar will contact you to see where to connect your home to the fiber. After that, an appointment will be made to install the fiber arrival point at your home. Once this is done, a Proximus technician will contact you to install the equipment (modem,..) and activate your services. He will check that everything is working and will test the wifi in your different rooms. From that moment on, you will be able to benefit from ultra-fast and stable Internet thanks to the fiber.