Wholesale Mobile

MVNO and Mobile Reselling

With our continued investment into our award-winning mobile network, we can help you and your customers by providing them with even better mobile solutions.

Proximus wholesale mobile offer is composed of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Mobile reselling solutions that enable you to resell the business mobile solutions of Proximus to your customers. MVNO solutions are based on your customers’ expectations and are designed to meet each of your business models or use cases. If an opportunity arises on your market, we can deliver the solution.

We are always pleased to accompany our customers in their journey and ensure a high quality in support.

Choosing Proximus is enjoying the best mobile experience thanks to an extended coverage, an always better voice quality and an excellent video experience. Since Proximus is leading the mobile network technology in 4G and now 5G, we are now improving on that reputation even more so, opening up new opportunities for MVNOs, while maintaining our reputation as one of the best mobile networks worldwide.


Key features

  • Great coverage

    With 4G services available to more than 99,9% of the population outdoor, 99,5% indoor, 94,2% deep indoor, Proximus continues to enhance its coverage. An independent test company confirms Proximus provides excellent voice quality as well as the fastest call set-up. With regards to video, the user experience measured confirms the pole position of Proximus. 96,5% of the videos are for example streamed without interruption on our network, justifying our award for the best Mobile Overall Video Experience in Belgium.

  • Best experience

    OpenSignal, an independent company, awarded Proximus for delivering the best video experience, best Voice App experience, best data upload speed experience, best latency experience, best 4G coverage experience in Belgium.



Why Proximus Wholesale ?

  • Best proven network and customer experience with 4G so you and your customers can enjoy more coverage at better speeds
  • We are investing in our mobile network every day so we can bring the latest network technology (5G) to more people in more places
  • Our network offers unparalleled reliability, carrying the majority of the calls and data sessions on a daily basis
  • You will be able to increase your market share and reduce churn by ensuring your customers are able to access the Belgium number one network
  • With a range of flexible solutions we can find the mobile solution that suits your needs (Full or light MVNO’s, Mobile reselling)
  • Our dedicated MVNO team has years of experience

At a glance benefits for you:

  • MVNO real time CDRs
  • competitive and simple commercial agreements
  • true customer ownership for you
  • flexibility to configure your own retail propositions
  • brand differentiation.

What can we do for you?

  • We are committed to building the best solutions on our award-winning, market-leading network so you can offer your customers best in class mobile solutions and related services. Our propositions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are just starting to add mobility to your portfolio or already established with a mobile solution, we will support you.
  • As Proximus Wholesale is an important player in the provision of Ethernet connections to mobile cell sites, we can provide you with a range of even better solutions. Add to that, our large portfolio of products and services, you will have the possibility of exploring new opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.
  • If you are looking for unparalleled reliability, the fastest speeds, great coverage and unrivalled quality, then you are in the right place. Let our network do the work as you embark on a rewarding new mobility journey.