Wholesale Internet

Wholesale Internet service

Easily connect your end-user sites to the Internet

As a provider wishing to connect your end-users in Belgium to the internet with a minimum on own investment, you can benefit from the Wholesale Internet service with its streamlined digital processes as component for your end-to-end service offering (e.g. 1P-Internet or SD-WAN).

The product offers different access profiles and options to adapt it to your specific needs.

Access profiles

Based on your needs and the network availability, Proximus can offer different access technologies (VDSL or Fiber GPON) and speed profiles. For an in-depth description of the available profiles, the exact conditions and availability, please contact your dedicated account manager or contact us by e-mail.


The Wholesale Internet service enables you to select each of the options in function of your specific needs.

Routing or bridging CPE

The routing CPE offers you an easy way to integrate the LAN at your end-user’s site. The bridging CPE enables to directly connect your own access device (e.g. router, SD-WAN device) to the WAN.

Improved SLA (ISLA)

A timely repair of the offered service is of great importance for your end-users’ satisfaction. An Improved SLA will ensure that strict resolution timers are respected for your repair tickets.

Fixed IP address

A static IP address enables some server applications at the end-user site.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Fully digital and automated processes for ordering, provisioning and repair with GUI and SOA XML interfaces providing you with full tracking and control functionalities.
  • No network investments and predictable TCO

For a high-level view on the main features of Wholesale Internet, here’s a one-pager