Bitstream Fiber PON

Proximus Reference Offer for Bitstream Fiber PON Access

A regulated offer that enables the Beneficiary to connect on the Proximus network at a Proximus Service PoP and to receive Ethernet frames from the end-user using PON technology. The transport end-to-end between the end-user and the Beneficiary is Ethernet.

The conditions for providing Bitstream Fiber PON services are set out in the Proximus Reference Offer for Bitstream Fiber PON Access.

Regulated offer:

The version 6.3 of the Proximus Reference Offer has been approved by BIPT on 27/06/2023 and is published below.

Bitstream Fiber PON Reference Offer

Key features

The Bistream Fiber PON offer consists of various building blocks to deliver data access to the end-users


The OAL (OLO Access Line) is the connection between Proximus’s network and the OLO’s network. The network is divided into 5 areas and approximately 600 local networks. There are two PoPs per area and one LEX per local network. The OLO must order an OAL in a Proximus Service PoP or a LEX to provide data access to the end-users of the corresponding area.

Ethernet Transport

The provision by Proximus of transport bandwidth (VLANs) between the Ethernet Service Switches to which the OLTs are connected on which the Beneficiary wants to connect end-users and the Proximus Service PoPs to which the Customer Equipments are connected; With Shared VLAN, the VLANs are shared between several end-users of a Beneficiary in a same LEX. With Dedicated VLAN, a specific VLAN will be created to bundle all the traffic from each specific end-user.

The provision and the configuration by Proximus of Ethernet Transport between the OLTs and the Customer Equipments.

End-user lines

The provision by Proximus of PON lines to the end-users.


Any other additional relevant information can be downloaded on a secure web page. Any interested party has to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreements to obtain access to this page.

You can access this additional information on the Bitstream offer via your Personal page.

The Welcome Pack explains how a new operator can implement the Bitstream Fiber PON offer and deliver its first end-user lines.