LEDs on your Wi-Fi Booster

Is your Wi-Fi Booster working properly? To make sure, check its lights.

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Vérifier le câblage et les témoins lumineux de votre Wi-Fi Booster Le son et l'image de votre Proximus TV sont de mauvaise qualité ? Votre Wi-Fi Booster ne fonctionne pas comme prévu ? Vérifiez ses témoins lumineux. Ils vous donneront de précieux renseignements.

Témoin lumineux Power Power 

This light indicates whether the Wi-Fi Booster is turned on. If it isn't, check if the power cable is correctly plugged in and that the switch at the back of the device is on I.

Témoin lumineux Qualité de la liaison Link Quality 

This LED indicates if the Wi-Fi Booster is connected to the modem via wi-fi.

  •  Témoin lumineux Signal parfait (lumière verte)Green = perfect signal.
  • Témoin lumineux Signal correct (lumière jaune)Yellow = good signal.
  • Témoin lumineux Signal de mauvaise qualité (lumière rouge)Red = weak signal. The Wi-Fi Booster must be moved or a second one used to amplify the signal. We advise you to place the receiver in a high, well-aired place, and not in cupboards or shelves.

Témoin lumineux Point d'accès (Access Point) Access Point 

This LED must be on. If not, we advise you to start again installation and synchronization of the Wi-Fi Booster.

Témoin lumineux WPS WPS 

This light indicates the status of the synchronization between the b-box 3 modem and the Wi-Fi Booster. Normally, this light is turned off. If you want to synchronize or resynchronize the Wi-Fi Booster and the b-box 3, press the WPS button of the b-box 3 and then that of the Wi-Fi Booster within two minutes. The WPS indicators will start flashing for about two minutes, and then turn off. This means that the synchronization is completed.

Témoin lumineux WPS Wi-Fi

A device using Wi-Fi is connected to the Wi-Fi network of the Wi-Fi Booster.

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