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A problem with the Pickx app?

Follow our advice in case of problems with the Proximus Pickx app.

Nothing loads when you launch the new app or it's too long
  1. Close the app and restart it.
  2. Isn't that better? Check on the Play Store or App Store if it should not be updated.
  3. The problem persists? Restart your device.
  4. Still not working? Uninstall the app and then reinstall.
You can't connect to the Pickx app
  1. Check if you see the Pickx app in the list of your products in MyProximus.
    See your products
  2. The solution depends on what you see in your product list:
    • The Pickx app is in your product list but you can't connect to the Pickx app? Contact us (preferably by chat or facebook).
    • The Pickx app is not in the list of your products but TV is there ? Contact us (preferably by chat or facebook)..
    • Neither the TV app nor Pickx are in the list of products while you have TV at home? You have probably not logged in with the login and password of the MyProximus account manager.
    • The Pickx app is not in the list and you don't have TV at home? Your subscription does not allow you to have the Pickx app.
The app informs you that it is already installed on 5 devices

For rights reasons you cannot install the TV app on more than 5 different devices. To add a new device, you must first remove an existing device. Follow the instructions in the warning message.

The app asks you to access the location parameters

The Pickx app is now available throughout the European Union, provided you are in wi-fi or you allow the app to access the location settings. Access to the location parameters is only requested once.

Your iPhone or iPad cannot stream in 3G/4G
  1. Uninstall the application.
  2. Reinstall the application.
  3. Disable wi-fi and connect in 3G/4G.
  4. Open the application and enter your login data.
  5. When the app is open, tap "Maintenant à la TV".
  6. Enable localization on your iPhone/iPad if requested by the application.
Missing recordings or channels in the app

Some channels or recordings cannot be viewed in the app for reasons of rights. However, you can plan a recording via the app and then watch it on your TV. Warning: the recordings in the app are only available for 60 days, even if you decided to keep them on your TV for a longer period.

Why is the TV app for Windows no longer updated?
The TV app for Windows is no longer updated but you can still watch Proximus TV at


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