Several TV sets: how to connect an extra television?

Depending on your profile you can connect up to three TV sets. Check here to see how many TVs you can connect.

To connect an additional television set you will, however, need another decoder. You can connect a second decoder directly to the modem or you can use a PLC adapter (ethernet adapter via the electricity network). If you have 3 television sets, you should always connect 2 decoders via PLC adapter.

To connect a second decoder to your modem, follow the instructions below. To connect via a PLC adapter (ethernet adapter via the electricity network), follow the instructions in the PLC manual.

Place the decoder near your television set


Connect the decoder to the modem


To do so, use the blue Ethernet cable (supplied).

Tip: Do you want to extend the cable?

Connect the decoder to the tv


Use the "HDMI" cable for this.
If your television does not have an HDMI port, use the Scart (Péritel) cable.

Connect the decoder to the power outlet


The decoder starts automatically and the "Power" and "Signal" LEDs light up. The decoder is automatically updated with the latest software. This update can take approximately 15 minutes. Make sure that the decoder’s power cable and Ethernet cable remain plugged in.

If the LEDs do not light up, Make sure that the decoder’s power cable is plugged in and that the decoder is not on standby. To check this, press the Image button on the decoder.

If the decoder does not respond, you can reinitialize it.

Switch on your television set and wait for the start-up page to appear

Follow the procedure set out in this document (.pdf).

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