Plan an appointment with a technician

A technician will be visiting you shortly. You can check online for when the appointment is scheduled. If necessary, you can change the details of the appointment or cancel the appointment.

View your appointment

View the date and time of your appointment with the technician. There are two possibilities:

We can't give you an exact time, but the technician will call you on the agreed telephone number half an hour before he is due to arrive.

Change or cancel your appointment

Do you want to clarify the address or contact details? Or provide the name of another contact person? Or postpone or cancel the appointment?
You don't need to call us; you can change the appointment yourself (you can do so up to half a day before the original appointment):

  1. Log in on MyProximus or click in the e-mail with the original appointment.
  2. Click on the date of your appointment.
    • To change the appointment, click Change and select a new period and click Continue.
    • To cancel the appointment, click Cancel my appointment.
    • To provide other contact details, click Change, then Continue and, if necessary, provide another name, mobile number or e-mail address.
  3. Checkmark your request for confirmation. You will receive an e-mail or text message confirming the change.

If you are unable to change your appointment online, please contact us.

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