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How to replace an old decoder with a new one?

Have you just received a new decoder to replace your old one? First, you have to deactivate the old decoder, then install the new decoder, and finally activate it.

Deactivate your old decoder

To deactivate your old decoder, call 0800 99 696 toll-free and follow the instructions. If you are not calling from your landline, you’ll be asked to enter you customer number. So make sure you have a recent bill at hand (Where can you find your customer number?).

NB: if you try to connect more decoders than your technical situation allows, a message mentioning this phone number will appear on your TV screen.

Install your new decoder

  1. Unplug the power cable of your old decoder.
  2. Unplug the Ethernet cable of your old decoder and plug it into your new decoder.
  3. Unplug the HDMI cable of your old decoder and plug it into the new decoder. Was your decoder connected to your TV by a Scart/Peritel cable? If your new decoder has a Scart/Peritel cable, replace the old Scart/Peritel cable with the new cable. If you can connect an HDMI cable to your TV, prefer this cable to a Scart/Peritel cable.
  4. Plug your decoder into a power socket using the power cable provided.
  5. Make sure that the decoder LED lights up and that the switch is set to the " I " position.

Activate your new decoder

The configuration of your TV will take about 15 minutes.

Follow the instructions displayed on your TV. You’ll be asked to enter a certain number of data, followed by your secret PIN code. This code is 1234 if you never changed it. Forgotten your PIN code? Call 0800 99 696 toll-free from your landline and follow the instructions.

NB: if you have several decoders, you will also have to activate the other decoders, even if they're not plugged in. For this, follow the instructions displayed on your TV.

Problem with the image on your new decoder? Check if the decoder is set to the right image quality and adapt the settings if necessary:

  • If your TV menu is in French: press Menu > Paramètres > Système > Activer ou désactiver la HD.
  • If your TV menu is in Dutch: press Menu > Instellingen > Systeem > HD activeren of deactiveren.


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