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Save points for Premium Club or Bizz Club

Premium Club and Bizz Club are replaced by Enjoy!
Till 30/11/19, you can redeem your Premium Club points, or as a business customer, redeem your Bizz Club points.

Since Premium Club and Bizz Club will be discontinued on 30/11/2019, you will no longer receive any points and bonus points after 30/06/2019.


You will receive your final points based on your June 2019 bill. After that the allocation of points will be automatically stopped.

Bonus points

After 30/06/2019 you will also no longer be able to collect bonus points (e.g. with a purchase).

Do you still have a bill for a device you purchased in a Proximus Shop or via that dates from before 30/6/2019? Do you want that purchase to be taken into account for bonus points (3 bonus points for every euro spent, without VAT)?

In that case, send us the sales receipt and your membership number. You can find your membership number on MyProximus (via the app or the web). You must be registered on MyProximus and be the administrator of your account. Proceed as follows:

  1. Via the app? In the MyProximus app, tap on More, then on Premium Club or Bizz Club, and then on My Personal Data.
    Via the website? Click the button below and log in.
    Find your loyalty ID
  2. You will see your loyalty ID (15 numerals).
  3. E-mail us your membership number before 15/07/19, along with the sales receipt, to
  4. The points will automatically appear in MyProximus within 2 months of being received.


Your points will remain valid until 30/11/2019. It is not possible to extend this expiry date.

You can check your points via MyProximus. Till 30/11/19, you can redeem your Premium Club points, or as a business customer, your Bizz Club points.
We also answer other questions about your gift.

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