Mobile Coverage Extender
Mobile Coverage Extender

A better network coverage at your home? Mobile Coverage Extender is the solution for you!

4 .13 /month

VAT, Auvibel and Recupel included


  • Plug & Play: connect to your Proximus modem with a cable or PLC (devolo)
  • Up to 4 simultaneous users, calls or data
  • Gives precedence to calls
  • Coverage of max. 10 to 20 meters and 200m², depending on the building
  • Used calling minutes and mobile data are charged in the same way on your mobile subscription or prepaid card

Used calling minutes and mobile data are charged in the same way on your mobile subscription or prepaid card. When you install a Mobile Coverage Extender in an area with bad mobile coverage, it can limit the intensity of the radiation produced by your mobile device to a minimum Why? Mobile devices consume less power if they receive a better signal from the network. With the MCE close by, mobile devices easily watch the mobile signal, so they emit less power. This way, the electromagnetic field they produce is much weaker than where mobile coverage is insufficient.

Need for a more complete solution ? Opt for the Mobile Coverage Extender Pro that will cover up to 800m². 



*No fixed contract: billing is stopped when the service is terminated and the device is returned.

General conditions

Only for use in Belgium, in accordance with the general terms and conditions.
Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) is an option on the fixed Internet service of Proximus.
The equipment is to be connected with the Proximus modem of the customer and extends Proximus' public mobile 3G network in the customer's building and offers users better mobile coverage (voice and data). Users of the service must have a Proximus mobile subscription and a 3G-compatible mobile device. Mobile usage through the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) will be billed according to the user's mobile rate plan. Installation is carried out by the customer himself or by a technician (€59 – including VAT – only possible for the Mobile Coverage Extender Pro).

Mobile Coverage Extender PRO: the customer must have VDSL or Fiber Internet through Proximus and a Proximus modem. It is not compatible with ADSL technology, Internet Start and Explore connectivity. Proximus cannot provide any guarantees with regard to the coverage delivered by the Service; external factors play an important role in this.

When the service is terminated the customer must return the device, linked to the service, to Proximus.


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