"We now have the stability and capacity we needed."

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Stability, that is the reason why construction company Beneens switched from coax to fiber. Stability that allows 140 people to work together and continue to grow.

"We now have the stability and capacity we needed."

Beneens Bouw & Interieur used to work with coax. "Because the cables ended up being too long, there was quality loss in our connections," explains ICT manager Bart Geerinckx. "We also recently expanded the building, which gave us the opportunity to go for a future-proof solution from the start. After all, fiber is also very easy to scale up when we want to expand."

Stability for home workers and cloud backup

Problems like these made Beneens switch to a completely new connection with fiber. “We now have a stable connection with more than enough capacity for our 140 employees. This stability is also needed as the building accomodates 55 employees and many of our people work from home. Thanks to fiber, our company is accessible over a high-speed connection to those working from home. And now our backup in the cloud also has a stable connection."

With fiber, we have a connection that is stable enough and has enough capacity to allow 140 employees to work simultaneously without interruptions and loss of quality.

Bart Geerinckx, ICT manager at Beneens

Beneens is a high-growth company. "With fiber, we no longer have any limitations and are ready for the future. Scaling up is easy. Our coax connection was at its maximum and we could no longer expand," Bart Geerinckx concludes.

Beneens is a construction company with more than 140 employees that also specializes in interior, exterior joinery and CLT timber construction.

Are you interested in the technology of the future? Discuss the possibilities of connecting your organization to fiber, or check the availability in your area now.

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