TV Box

TV Decoder V5 compact full install\n

€ 11 /Monat

Inklusive Mehrwertsteuer und Recupel

TV decoder

What do you need to watch TV?

Why rent a decoder?

You have a guarantee on the decoder throughout the rental period and receive always the latest updates. In case of a defect you can swap the decoder free of charge. Do you have a Tuttimus, Familus, Minimus, Flex Pack or internet +TV subscription? In that case, the first decoder is included in the price of your Pack. For each additional decoder, you pay only €6/month.

This decoder:

  • is compatible with channels or programs broadcast in digital and HD quality
  • has no hard disk. You can still record, however. Recordings are automatically stored for 60 days; But you can store up to 50 hours of recordings for maximum 3 years.
  • provides access to the Netflix application
  • has a remote control that uses Radio Frequency-mode so you can put the decoder away in a cupboard
  • is equipped with an HDMI port.