Tips from your Bizz Expert: 5 FAQs about your Wi-Fi network

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Wi-fi is great and works anywhere…. Well, that’s usually right, but sometimes Wi-Fi can also play up a bit. Don’t know how to get it back in working order? In this article our Bizz Experts tell you how to connect (and stay connected) to a Wi-Fi network. You can find more information on our Wi-Fi FAQ page.

Tips from your Bizz Expert: 5 FAQs about your Wi-Fi network

So how do you connect to Wi-Fi? 

If you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network, first thing you’ll need is a modem or router. Your Proximus technician should have already preconfigured this for you. If you do still have a problem or you need to reinstall the modem, you can find the right installation guid for each type of modem here.
How exactly you should connect your PC or mobile phone to the Wi-Fi network depends on the operating system you are using (ex. Windows 8 or Windows 10 or…). The procedures also differ for varying types and brands of tablets and smartphones. Check out the right procedure for your device on this page.

How do you connect to a hot spot? 

When you’re outdoors, or even abroad, you can use Wi-Fi hot spots to surf. How that works exactly is explained in detail here. The procedure is slightly different on iPhone iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but it never takes more than a couple of taps to get connected. You can also find more information here. Looking for a hot spot somewhere in Europe? Then this map should make your quest a lot easier.

How do you go back to your modem’s factory settings?

Modem issues can often be solved by reconfiguring your modem. You can do this via a ‘hard’ reset using the reset button, or a ‘soft’ reset via the configuration menu. What the difference is between the two methods and how they apply to your type of modem is explained here.

Trying to improve Wi-Fi reception?

There are a lot of reasons why your Wi-Fi connection can be slow, or even quite dead. The location of your modem, for instance, is crucial. The general rules are: place your modem up high, preferably in an open space and close to the devices you use to surf. More tips can be found here. Of course there are other things you can do to improve reception: like changing the frequency or channel of your router. How that works exactly can be found on this page. This also explains how you can run the Wi-Fi signal through your electrical system to improve reception. 

Everything down?

If your internet is down or your Proximus TV is out, there no reason to panic. Odds are that you can get back online within minutes, especially if you follow this stepped approach.



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