A jeweller who wants her clients to be happy

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A jeweller who wants her clients to be happy

Sonja Borms owns a jewellery store in Lokeren. She doesn’t feel as though she’s running a business though. “When a customer comes in, I don’t think about what I’m going to sell them … but rather how I can help them.” An interview with an independent, and rather atypical entrepreneur for whom creativity comes first.

Name : Sonja Borms
Function :  Entrepreneur and jewellery designer
Company :  Borms Juwelen
Their expertise : Surprise and delight customers with unique jewellery
Website :  bormsjuwelen.be

Happiness as an engine

Sonja mainly gets her energy from her customers. “When I have days without or just don’t feel so great, all I need is a customer to enter the store and I’m enthused again.”

“Being an entrepreneur is not a job. I’m living my passion. That’s what’s so exciting.”

Genuine pearls and precious stones

The biggest challenge for Sonja? It’s how fashion has changed over the years. “I started in 1986. At that time there was a lot of fantasy jewellery. In fact it was the basis of my collection. At one stage however, I realised I had to change.” Today, Sonja only sells gold and silver jewellery. And works exclusively with real pearls and precious stones.

Playful jewels

“My creations are slightly asymmetrical,” says Sonja. “There is always something unexpected. I also like to add a touch of romance. Jewellery doesn’t have to be formal, indeed for me it ought to be fun. All my jewels are unique creations; that's what makes this work so interesting.”

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