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We are evolving in a rapidly changing environment and constantly need to re-think how to achieve our sense of purposeWe connect everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter”. Important stakeholders of this open innovation strategy are the innovative and disruptive startup and academic communities.

“Proximus Inpost” consists of experts from all Proximus Business Units, who will quickly assess the adequacy of the value proposition of an innovation with the strategic intent of the business. The team also foresees regular sessions with directors to pitch the value proposition and get buy-in and commitment for further collaboration.

Innovation challenges

Which domains are of interest for us?

We have defined 3 domains as priorities for our innovation strategy, each contains several topics.

Telco Operations

These are the specific topics within Telco Operations

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Artificial Intelligence in networking based on big data

topic 1

Augmented reality for field technicians

topic 2

Inventory data quality

topic 3

IoT in our customer operations

topic 4

Converged mobile and fixed concentrators

topic 5

Cloud based job management systems

topic 6

Drones in telecom

topic 7

Self-optimizing Wi-Fi networks

topic 8

Customer Experience

These are the specific topics within Customer Experience

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Augmented reality in customer support

topic 1

Next-Gen contact centers

topic 2



Social servicing platform


New Value Propositions

These are the specific topics within New Value Propositions

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Accent aware speech / voice recognition


Communication apps


Content services


Smart retail services


Customer privacy


Security for SE


Smart connected services


How should you proceed?

Check the domains and topics above

You have developed or are developing a solution in one of these domains?

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What will happen next?

Through the webform and in function of the domain, you will be put in contact with the relevant inpost responsible of the Business Unit. We recommend that you refer to one of the challenges listed above and explain how your solution tackles it. We are looking forward to meet you, to work together on our Innovation Challenges!

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