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Augmented reality in customer support

How to ease and stimulate self-care by offering to our customers AR tools to manage their home installations.

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Next-Gen contact centers

Possible: use historical customer & routing-data to predict the best-fit routing (=to best-fit agent) using data-analysis and AI, hence drastically reducing the IVR –burden for our customers.
Today we focus on the implementation of (robotized) chat as a new contact channel. Tomorrow, the same engine / robot used for chat will also be deployed via other channels (mail, voice,) which will change the logic of customer care & front office sales. Call Deflation is no longer required, on the contrary, to build good data (CRM), we want as much interaction as possible with the customer, whatever the channel. What are the implications of communication, organization, back-ends, tools, staffing, ...?
Today speech systems are mainly speech to text oriented but in the future it should be possible to start a real conversation; the contextual conversational functionalities where you can start discussions with an AI system.
Speech recognition is an enabling tool or interface to interact with intelligent systems enabling spoken commands like search in IPTV, instead of the standard keyboard type of input. In Belgium we speak 3 languages, Dutch, French and German. Each having its specific dialect but what is more important many accents exist. Speech recognition engines should be able to cope with these differences.
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Strong network


Helps improve billing and payment.

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Everything for your smartphone

Social servicing platform

How to implement a C2C community servicing platform besides existing B2C operational model.

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