New Value Propositions

Accent aware Speech / voice recognition

Speech recognition is an enabling tool or interface to interact with intelligent systems enabling spoken commands like search in IPTV, instead of the standard keyboard type of input. In Belgium we speak 3 languages, Dutch, French and German. Each having its specific dialect but what is more important many accents exist. Speech recognition engines should be able to cope with these differences.

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Communication Apps

  • W-Fi Management: Agile bandwidth management of home Wi-Fi Device management: AI-based tools to help user get the best out of a smartphone
  • Innovative communication apps
  • Smart pricing solutions
  • Millennial-focussed viral’s …
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Everything for your smartphone

Content Services

This topic contains:

  • AI-based reco engine - CRM tool to push relevant content and help navigate
  • Content apps/services around music, sports, stars
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Smart retail services

Which are the possibilities for (combined) solutions that help make the retailer Live Better & Work Smarter?

Link with smart cities:

  • Link with local communities & P2P communities & smart city solutions
  • Communal services, digital administration services
  • Loyalty concepts, rewarding concepts
  • Community building (P2P)
  • Generic orchestrated IoT value solutions for SE …, IoT based smart connect services
  • Combination & Use of Public databases (e.g. weather, traffic, parking, …)
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Customer Privacy

  • All solutions reinforcing customer privacy (firewalls, anonymizer, )
  • VPN’s
  • Personal data bank management
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Security for SE

Help build the security story for SE’s (online security, traffic prioritization,…).

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Smart Connected Services

Value Added Services for Consumer market helping customers to Live Better and Work Smarter?

We’re looking for solutions that combine Consumer IoT devices + a decent Orchestration platform + a generic and very customer friendly end-user APP which are ‘granny-proof’, so the non-geeky consumers can use and benefit of them.

The solutions should offer One Single user experience across the different services (one logging/pw, one set of settings, a coherent look & feel, …).

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