Fleur Delwart: our clients reach us anywhere via one number

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Since Fleur Delwart opted for Proximus’ Bizz Call Connect, the call management is a piece of cake.

Fleur Delwart: our clients reach us anywhere via one number

Fleur Delwart knew she was going to be an architect long before she finished high school. A creative profession with lots of variation and a lot personal contact. Soon, two additional architects joined the firm she founded with her husband, Xavier Moens, in Mont-St-Guibert. Right next door to their house.

Since they opted for Proximus’ Bizz Call Connect, their call management is a piece of cake. No more getting up to answer or transfer a call on the other side of the office. One push of the button takes care of everything. And that changed a lot for them! 

“We build the house of their lives”

Whenever Fleur Delwart talks about her architect job, there’s a twinkle in her eyes. What appeals to her most: the human side. The contact with her customers, the builders, …

“We’re a team. We have to have a very close cooperation and mutual respect. Every project is different. Every house is a unique prototype. We have to be able to listen, because that’s what customers think is important: we’re building the house of their lives, one in which we hope they’ll be very happy.”

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Soup at noun keeps us going

Fleur got a taste of that human side on one of her recent projects: 
“Every day at noon, the foreman’s mum came by with hot soup for the workers. To steel them and get them back in shape for the afternoon’s work. That made for a great, friendly atmosphere throughout the project. And at the same time, it was an act of recognition for the workmanship of our teams. Very motivating.”

Soup, salads, pasta… when Fleur is not on site, she regularly makes sure she serves a hearty meal for her collaborators. 

“We literally live next door, so it’s quite practical to use our own kitchen and dining area. Besides, we never miss another call when we hear the phone ringing somewhere. We can answer any call anywhere.”

All the advantages of a phone exchange

The architect needed little convincing about Proximus’ offer. 
“What I really appreciated is that they came to me when I was already a customer, just to make me a better offer: a Bizz All-in pack with Bizz Call Connect. This means we can connect our landlines – professional and private – and our mobile phones. 

In one stroke it became very easy to transfer calls, whether we’re at home, at the office or somewhere on a construction site. It works just like a phone exchange. You just push a button and you’re done. And you can also transfer calls to your answering machine when at the end of the working day. We manage everything just the way we want is, which is incredibly flexible.”

There’s always a line for another call

The fact that all the lines are neatly bundled comes with another advantage, Fleur explains: “When a line is busy, we always have another one to take the next call. We didn’t have that before. If we were on the phone back then, we had no way to take or transfer another call.”

“Clients can reach us anywhere via one number.”

One, single number, so how does that work? “When a customer calls for someone who’s not in the office, the call is automatically transferred to their smartphone. So the customer doesn’t have to call back at a later time or try a different number. 

And when we use our mobile phones to call, it always shows our fixed number at the other end. So all of our contact know our fixed number, and we keep our mobile numbers private.”

“Putting everything in one pack comes out a lot cheaper.”

The architects chose a Bizz All-in pack with Bizz Call Connect as an extra option. That gives them telephony, internet and cloud applications in one pack. And that is a lot more economical since everything’s included and calls are unlimited. 

“It’s not only cheaper,” Fleur says, “but those cloud applications really are a lifesaver in our business. For us it is incredible important to be able to check and use the latest version of our plans at all times. 

Using an older version by simple mistake can have huge consequences. So now we systematically save everything in the cloud. At the construction site, we can simply use our smartphone to check the latest version of our plans. That’s a great way to check up on details and even to add extra notes in our files on location.”

Feel like handling all of your fixed and mobile calls for your teams? Try Bizz All-in with Bizz Call Connect. Now with free installation and configuration until 30/06/17.



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