Even more advantageous in a Pack!

Your download speed at home depends mainly on the distance between the connection point and the exchange, your computer installation and the indoor cabling. Only if those three are optimal, will you be able to enjoy the maximum speed.


Just one subscription for fixed and mobile Internet

Take out a subscription for your fixed Internet connection and enjoy mobile Internet at no extra cost.

A convenient connection at home

You naturally expect a lot from your Internet at home. Thanks to your ultra-fast Internet connection, surfing is a real pleasure

Anywhere, anytime, on all mobile devices

Thanks to the Wi-Fi Hotspots, surf anywhere and anytime you want. If no Wi-Fi Hotspot is available or you are traveling, simply switch to the 3G or 4G network.

10 GB of storage space included

Cloud allows you to store all your personal content (photos, videos, music, files, etc.) online and in a secure way and access it from all your devices: your PC, smartphone, tablet and Proximus TV.

Already customer?

Enjoy the benefits of a Pack

If you already have a fixed telephone, a TV or a mobile subscription, you are about to make a saving! Combine your current subscription and your Internet subscription in a Pack  and benefit from very favorable conditions.

Enjoy the MyProximus advantages

Thanks to MyProximus you can manage your subscriptions, consult your e-mails, check your data transfer volumes and manage all your Internet connection features. MyProximus is your Internet dashboard.

Change your Internet subscription

Your needs evolve over time. Why wouldn't your Internet subscription? With Internet, you can change your rate plan whenever you want.

Activate the 3G/4G internet volume on your smartphone

You already have a mobile subscription in a Pack
You can use the my mobile internet volume (3G/4G) that is automatically activated on your smartphone.

You do not yet have a mobile subscription in a Pack

  • Subscribe to one of the Packs with a mobile subscription, even if you are already a Proximus customer
  • Your current subscriptions will be automatically transferred to this new Pack
  • You keep your mobile number
  • You can use the mobile Internet volume (3G/4G) that is automatically activated on your smartphone
Activate the 3G/4G internet volume on your  laptop or tablet

You do not yet have a Mobile Internet subscription

Simply activate the mobile internet volume.

If your laptop does not have an integrated modem, you can order a USB modem for €49

You can follow your mobile internet usage in the e-Services or in myProximus.

Activate Wi-Fi Hotspots to surf via wi-fi

Step 1: create your Wi-Fi Hotspots account.
Step 2: connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Connect my smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi Hotspots
Download the Wi-Fi Hotspots application and you will automatically connect to a hotspot when there is one available. More info

Connect my laptop or tablet via the internet browser
Open the list of available networks and select a Wi-Fi Hotspots Wi-Fi network in the vicinity. Log in. Then open your Web browser. You will see the screen that allows you to identify yourself: enter your login and password. You are ready to surf.

Even more mobile Internet volume

All Internet customers receive free mobile Internet volume thanks to Internet Everywhere. If you want even more volume, you can take out an additional subscription:

  • Mobile Internet Start : 500 MB/month (€0.10/extra MB) for €4.99/month.


  • Mobile Internet Comfort : 2 GB/month (€0.10/extra MB) for €14.99/month.




1 Unlimited volume: for personal use only, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Proximus. Internet Start: if you have used up 100 GB, your Internet speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps unless you have ordered a Volume Pack of 5GB for € 5 via MyProximus. Internet Comfort : if you have used up 150 GB, your Internet speed will be reduced to 3 Mbps unless you have ordered a Volume Pack of 5GB for € 5 via MyProximus. Internet Maxi : if you have used up 500 GB, your Internet speed will be reduced to 5 Mbps unless you have activated a free Volume Pack of 20GB via MyProximus.

If the client has used up his monthly volume included in his Internet subscription, but has not ordered a Volume Pack, he will be able to surf back at normal speed as from the first day of next month.

2 & 3 The indicated speeds of your home connection depend on such factors as the distance between the connection point and the telephone exchange, the computer system and the internal cabling. In order to attain these speeds, you must have a VDSL connection. The indicated speeds on the 3G network depend on the quality of the 3G coverage; quality is influenced by the proximity to an antenna, obstructions between the device and the antenna, the quality of the device.

4 For use in Belgium only. Once the MB have been used up: €0.10 per MB. To benefit from Mobile Internet you need a Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem or a device with built-in 3G technology. To surf on your smartphone via the 3G or 4G network, you have to combine a mobile subscription in a Pack with Internet Everywhere and have a compatible device.

5 Everyone who logs in to a Wi-Fi Hotspot must be registered and have accepted the General Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

Installation fee: €59
If necessary, a technician can come by and install everything at no extra charge.

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