Incorrect usage or missing options in the MyProximus app?

Does your employer contribute to your mobile subscription? You can check your usage with the MyProximus app, but take these specific situations into account.

The MyProximus app is primarily adapted to the needs of private and small enterprise users, so for an optimal experience we recommend you to use the MyProximus website.

Consulting usage

Some companies use a shared bundle, whereby data usage is spread over all the employees of the company.

If this situation applies to you, and you have used up your own data bundle, then you may be entitled to part of your employer's shared bundle. The MyProximus app won't take this into account, however, in the calculation of your usage or data allowance. Ask your employer about any usage of the shared bundle.

At the end of the month, your own data and that of the shared bundle will be correctly calculated on the bill. NB: your usage amount is only exact when the bill is issued and we calculate the discounts, promotions, shared bundle, etc.

Ordering product options

If you want to order an extra option for your professional number, contact the person responsible within your company.

Making payments & prepaid top-ups

If you and your employer partly pay for the bill, you can only see your bills on the MyProximus website, not via the app.

Professional users can't pay for their bills via the MyProximus app. If your employer contributes to your mobile subscription, ask how the payment should be made.

Although you can't top up your professional subscription, it is possible to top up for other prepaid mobile numbers. These costs are borne by you, not your employer.

Manage your private subscription

Would you like to manage your fixed or mobile products at home as well as your professional mobile number with the MyProximus app? You can add them to the MyProximus app in a few steps:

  1. Don't have a MyProximus account for your private subscription? Register for MyProximus.
  2. Open the MyProximus app and tap the circle at the top left.
  3. Tap on Change account and on Add an account.
  4. Enter the MyProximus username and password for your private account.
  5. Click Log in.

Done! You can easily switch from your professional to your private subscription by clicking the icon at the top left, next to your username, and selecting another user profile.